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Ornamental iron pedestrian gates, cast iron staircase designs, decorative wrought iron gates, custom design ornamental iron railings and stair railings, wrought iron fence pickets and railings supplies. Homepros can meet all your decorative and ornamental wrought iron needs. We have  architectural metal railings, ornamental iron pedestrian gates, wrought iron railings and staircase designs for indoor and outdoor ornamental iron structures. At homepros.ca wrought iron works, we custom designed ornamental wrought iron stores, architects, designers, interior decorators, home builders and simple home lovers can find ornamental iron pedestrian gates, architectural iron railings, fence pickets and more.
Architectural Metal Railings and Decorative Wrought Iron Custom Design Pedestrian Gates, Iron Railings, Staircase Design and Railings, Iron Fence Pickets, Iron Fence Railings.

Wrought iron basics

Wrought iron is commercially pure iron, having a very small carbon content (not more than 0.15 percent), but usually containing some slag. It is tough, malleable, and ductile and is easily welded. However, it is too soft for blades and swords, at least for their cutting edges, which are usually made of steel with a higher carbon content.

Wrought iron is so named because it is "wrought" or worked from a "bloom" of porous iron mixed with slag and other impurities. The word "wrought" is an archaic past tense of the verb to work. As irregular past-tense forms in English have historically been phased out over long periods of time, wrought became worked. Wrought iron literally means worked iron.

Wrought iron has been used for thousands of years, and represents the "iron" that is referred to throughout western history. It is a fibrous material with many strands of slag mixed into the metal. These slag inclusions give it a "grain" resembling wood, with distinct appearance when etched. Also due to the slag, it has a fibrous look when broken or bent past its failure point.

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We  are wrought iron contractors and installers for iron fences railings stairs and just about any ornamental wrought iron design you can image in.

We do design and welding of rails and gates in our iron shop located in Mississauga Ontario.

Other cities we do design in are Toronto Oakville Etobicoke Burligton.

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