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Restaurant hood cleaning 

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Restaurant Hood Cleaning Professionals In The GTA

Our hood cleaning professionals are fully equipped and trained to clean all of your commercial restaurant equipment. Give one of our pressure/steam washing professionals a call and find out how they can remedy your stubborn restaurant cleaning problems.

Dirty Restaurant and Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is one of the primary defenses against fire hazards. City and provincial restaurant inspectors are being called on to institute tougher restaurant inspection guidelines. They are urging for more fire inspectors and that hood cleanings be performed by licensed professionals. As a restaurant owner you are required to keep your commercial kitchens grease free. Due to the danger to customers and firefighters, grease-fueled fires are a serious hazard and should be prevented best possible.

Many restaurant hood cleaning contractors will only clean the areas in their eyesight, and leave the areas which are out of sight and covered in grease. These areas can get impacted with grease and oily residues that can ignite a kitchen that can cause fires endangering your customers and employees. Kitchen exhaust cleaning technicians need to be experts at finding these areas and removing the fire hazard completely. All systems must be cleaned to code, determined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).


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