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If you have an older, metal tank might need replacing. Even if you inspect and paint your tank every year you won’t know there’s a problem until it begins to leak. Condensation causes steel or metal tanks to corrode from the inside taking you completely by surprise that is where our oil tank replacement services can help you.

New regulations from insurance companies on oil tank installations are for your safety. An oil leak is  very costly to to clean up. Large fines have also been imposed in to insure oil tank removal are properly carried out. The main causes of most incidents are badly positioned tanks or they have been put on badly prepared bases and never maintained when  installation took place. An oil tank should be inspected yearly then any potential tank problems can be repaired before they become a major problem.

Our tank Replacement company will replace your oil tank with the minimum disruption to your home. Our friendly and efficient Oil tank replacement services mean that when we leave everything is in good working order and the area is clean and tidy of oil.



We are a small oil tank removal company that can offer everything an oil tank user would need. Being registered with TSSA Technical standards safety authorities proves we do not cut corners to save a penny that could cost you and our environment a fortune. 

New regulations imposed on oil tank installations are for your safety and the enviroment. An oil leak can be a very ugly mess to clean up. Fines have also been imposed. The main causes  are badly positioned tanks or they have been put on unprepared bases and never maintained since the installation. An oil tank should be inspected every year, then if any potential problems occur they can be remedied before they become a major incident.

The Services we offer are listed below

  • Base preparation and install the base to the required size
  • Building of all necessary fire walls and concrete bunds
  • Oil line installation from tank to boiler
  • Put in all the necessary filters, valves etc
  • Test and bleed the system them fire the boiler
  • Licensed disposal of all waste oil and tanks
  • Cold cutting service
  • Waste oil disposal
  • Annual tank and base inspections


At Homepros Metal Recycling and tank removal we take great measures to ensure the environment always comes first! You may have question how a company that specializes in the removal of oil tanks and boilers could accomplish this?

By following a very strict code of environmental rules and regulations in order to guarantee every client and job are properly handled with the outmost care and respect for both.

Our Services

Residential Oil Tank Removal
Residential oil pump outs.
Commercial tank removals
Our Services

Residential Oil Tank Removal
Residential oil pump outs.
Commercial tank removals
Commercial oil pump outs.
Dismantling of large or small equipment
Complete industrial yard clean ups – EXTERIOR OR INTERIOR
Non Furious metal recovery programs

Our Team

Our team is grounded by our commitment to customer service and we at Homepros Metal Recycling believe in order to satisfy you the client, our team must think, first and foremost, like a client. We will always leave the job as if we were leaving our own home. What makes us accountable? Before any job is finished an actual owner / operator will inspect the job to ensure quality workmanship has been completed to the standards of Eco Metal Recycling.

Our Expertise

Our entire team is fully trained by professional trainers. Our professional team will show up at your home or job site

On time
In a clean uniform
Be polite and courtesy at all times
Respect your home or job site

We hold many different licenses, certificates, insurances and belong to other associations

TSSA Certified Technicians
TSSA Certified Contractors
MTO PM3 Dangerous Goods Certificate
Proud member of the Canadian Recycling Association of Recyclers

Please call us today for a free consultation or quote. It would be our pleasure to serve you or your company today… .

Homepros is one of Ontario’s premier dismantling contractors serving the industrial community. We have a long history of successfully and dependably providing the highest quality service.

Our management team has over fifty years of combined experience in the dismantling and surplus process equipment business. We are a single source provider for dismantling, asbestos abatement, environmental remediation, plant and equipment relocation, and plant purchases.


If your home has any of the following tanks and it is not in use any longer it MUST be taken out!

Interior Oil Tanks
Exterior Oil Tanks
source: FPR


We will assure you that the tank is removed worry free. We have the resources and materials to dispose of the remaining oil that is not available to the public.


Why Are We the Best?

Simply, we are the best because:

On time arrival
Technicians are TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority) Certified with OTB3 OTB2 licenses.
TSSA – Certified Company Contractor
MTO – MP3 Dangerous Goods Transportation Licensed and Insured
Proud Member of CARI “Canadian Association Recycling Industry”
Team Technicians are Professional, Polite and respectful
We carry Liability Insurance
We use more drop sheets than any other company to insure your home is protected
We provide a Certificate of Approved Removal for you and your insurance company


We pay the best price for your metals !!!!!!!!

Call us today for your pick up. We offer pick up service to residential, commercial and industrial clients.


Recycles and purchases all types of metal and we have the capability to collect and recycle all manners of scrap metal

We offer a very versatile service. We have the storage space, the sorting equipment and the extensive metal knowledge to collect and recycle a range of other metals commonly used in industry that result in substantial amounts of scrap material. These metals include:

Stainless Steel
Nickel Alloys

All these and other metals can be routinely collected and sorted into marketable categories. We have access to customers eager to purchase these recycled metals. As with ferrous metals, we can help your company today safely dispose of such material while generating revenue from the collected metals.

Industrial – Commercial – Residential

Metal waste or other clean ups.

We Service:

Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton, Brantford, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Milton, Burlington and all of Southern, Southeast and Southwest Ontario.

Our team is highly qualified and experienced, and will make sure that the job is done correctly the first time. That is why we work closely with our clients to make sure they know about the process and what is going on at all times

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