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New parking lot, roadway, driveway, tennis court, basketball court or track Line Painting  Lot signs painters for line painting in Canada

We only use coatings, sealants and base materials that meet or exceed Canadian Specifications.  Our Canadian company is fully insured and bonded, with a warranty on standard parking applications. Ontario parking lots painter for lot painting.

The main purpose of post mounted signs is to control and direct traffic. The signs that we normally install are either mounted on posts, such as U-channel breakaway posts, or wooden posts mounted in sleeves dug into the ground, or attached to an existing structure, such as a mast arm or building.

Parking lot striping, signs, bumper curbs, and game courts.
We provide attractive, functional parking lot layout and striping.
Pre-cast concrete or recycled plastic curb stops (parking blocks).           
Concrete staining and surfacing for accessible ramps.
Line painting and court surfacing for tennis and basketball courts.
Encore Post Guards to cover parking lot posts (bollards).

In the event lines or symbols need to be removed our  Companies have three methods to perform the removal. Mechanical scarifiers are used in most situations; ultra high water pressure (hydro blasting) and sand blasting are used only in special situations

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Our crews are equipped with high quality machines to apply several paint types and lot surface coatings. Each crew also carries a variety of lot stencils to accommodate parking lot and roadway markings such as handicap symbols, cross walks, curbs, stop bars, turn arrows, no parking signs and designated parking areas.

Your parking lot should be finished with the same professionalism as it was paved and sealed. Our  team of parking expert line painters will finish it beautifully.

In addition to the traditional parking-space line painting, we also offer a wide range of specialty painting services, including handicap spaces, crosswalks and reserved spaces. Our line painting options are endless. Call our line painting experts. today to get the most completive price in Canada. Line painting and lot parking markers.



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