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Joining -  the professional contractors and companies, who offer service, installation, repair, maintenance and cleaning of all your home upgrading, renovation or installation needs in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Etobicoke and Brampton.

Who we offer it to    Home improvement Contracting companies

Home Improvement Contractors with Installation & Maintenance Companies in the GTA, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Etobicoke and Brampton who offer one the following services:

We are looking to cover every possible need homeowners could be faced with. With a complete offer of services, we can quite comfortably accommodate all our customers’ needs without disappointing them or sending them “contractor hunting” amongst unknown businesses.

If your business or service provided falls under one of the above divisions, and you can see yourself joining a unique group of contractors on a promising venture, which you will benefit from, take the time to further explore our site or Contact Us.

What we offer

As a member of, you have the unique opportunity of joining our group of reputable contractors to offer various services to homeowners in the GTA and surrounding area..

A client can now find all the necessary contractors for his/her home needs in one of two ways:

As members, we agree to recommend each other to existing and future customers as their need spread from one service (heating) to another (electrical). The customer has the advantage of receiving a reference from someone he/she already trusts (you) and will be more than willing to accept the referral (fellow member). And so, when we maintain our high quality of service you can envision the possibilities!

Our website, where each member receives a page for his/her own company with a link to his/her own website (if applicable).

Upon agreement of becoming a member, you will automatically be added to the website under your corresponding category. This will link to your own page, which includes a brief description of your company, services you offer and your contact information. You then have the opportunity to supply our webmaster with your own pictures and/or additional information you would like to be added.

You will have the option of adding any information, such as specials or any changes at any time as many times as you like. Your listing also includes submission on behalf of to various search engines and company listing sites. All promotional ventures decides to undertake, will be included in your membership costs - unless otherwise arranged by both parties.

Feel assured, that we are confident in recommending fellow members and thus support each other to uphold our name and increase customer satisfaction and your customer base.

Advantages of Joining

Work accepted and offered by is in your area. The time and gas you save, will easily cover your member costs.

You will be building up your home-base clientele.

You have home experts to consult with and promote your line of service. Many of our divisions lead right into the following one…

Plumbing to Tiling … Carpentry to Painting … Heating to Duct cleaning … and many more!

When 20 different contractors recommend you, you can be assured of referrals all week long.

If by high demand, you are too busy to make your calls, you can sub out your work to other reliable contractors in your field. (Keep in mind, you should recommend fellow members who might offer the same service first.)

You could boost your profits by 100 % in one month.

Remember, the more you recommend your colleagues, the sooner and more often they will refer you.

All our contractors follow a strict code of ethics. Any complaints will be followed up on immediately. And be resolved to the homeowners' reasonable satisfaction. Any member not adhering to our code of ethics will be suspended from any references from until the dispute has been rectified.

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