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Dirty Ducts

Clean duct after professional cleaning

Why should I call my Mississauga duct cleaning company?
95% of microscopic dirt particles (e.g. pollen, mold spores, fibres, hair etc.) are drawn into your HVAC system and passes through the duct work air filter(s), hiding in the air duct system and air handling equipment. This build-up can reduce airflow up to 50%.

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The air ducts are breeding areas for bacteria and mold that have caused many people in Mississauga to suffer from allergies or respiratory stress not to mention the danger of Legionnaire's disease. This can be a source of musty, stale odors.

When should I call a professional duct cleaning company in Mississauga?

How often should my ducts be cleaned by a professional duct cleaning company?

The air duct system should be cleaned every three to five years by a professional duct cleaning contractor. For allergy sufferers, this needs to be done annually.

How does a duct cleaning contractor clean my ducts? air ductwork cleaning contractors in oakville and mississauga

Equipment and tools are utilized that are designed specifically for air duct cleaning. Using a vacuum that pulls 4,000 cubic feet of air per minute, the air from the duct system is pulled through the vacuum removing contaminants with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) filters.

A high velocity sweep is inserted into the air ducts that actually crawls inside the duct up to the register and when pulled back to the furnace, it sweeps contaminants out to the HEPA AIRE vacuum with 175 psi of compressed air. All air passages and air moving equipment in the system are cleaned.

What benefits can I expect from having my air ducts cleaned?

After our professional duct cleaning, we have had customers report they no longer wake up with stuffy heads, experience allergy relief and less watery eyes or runny noses associated with dust. The dust in your home is reduced greatly, odours are removed from the air ducts, and the air flow is increased by as much as 50%. Heating and cooling costs will be reduced. Most of all, your family will breathe cleaner air.

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